Global Road Deaths This Year = 1,111,212
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The World Rescue Organisation

WRO is committed to improving rescue standards throughout the World. Bringing together the rescue services and developing their skills to serve the public.

We welcome you to the WRO website, a quality resource for all Emergency Responder stakeholders that includes new areas to support our continual push for Education and Skill Development.

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As the Chair of the World Rescue Organisation I want to welcome you, on behalf of the WRO Executive and the WRO Committee, to our website.

Since 1999, the World Rescue Organisation is conducting its annual World Rescue Challenge, in order to enable teams to enhance skills and compete by performing under realistic conditions and measured against recognised global standards.

Our aim is to bring together rescue and emergency workers from all over the world to share, to learn and to exchange information in order to develop their skills in effective post-crash intervention and the development of combined rescue and medical care.

The members of the World Rescue Organisation are committed to spread the rescue challenge concept and global rescue standards and to provide sustainable training for rescue services and personnel in developed, transitional and developing countries with the goal of the host country becoming self-sufficient in vehicle rescue and pre-hospital care.

The World Rescue Organisation is a partner of the United Nations Road Safety Collaboration and its member organisations represent the five continents of the world. We are dedicated to the goals of the Decade of Action for Road Safety by contributing to improve the post-crash response and thus to help to safe lives! We also support the 6th United Nations Road Safety Week 17th - 23rd May 2021, please click on the link below for full details of the event and how you can become involved and support this very important event, we #Love30

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The WRO is keen to support the development of rescue services around the world. If your organisation wishes to discuss options available then please contact the WRO Secretary using the online contact form or through You can also obtain additional information within the Becoming a member section.