Global Road Deaths This Year = 267,317

WRO Committee

Jeff Fallow

Jeff has been in the fire service since 1989.  Working his way through the ranks he now holds the Fire Chief's position for Cold Lake Fire-Rescue, which he has held since February 2008.  Of the 26 years Jeff has been a member of the service, 22 of those were in an Officers position. For 3 years as a Captain, Jeff held the position of Training Officer and was the Operational Deputy Fire Chief overseeing all training for Cold Lake Fire-Rescue for eight years prior to becoming Fire Chief.  
Jeff reached one of his goals in June of 2001 attaining his NFPA 1001 (Level 2 Professional Firefighter) certification.  In addition since then, Jeff has attained the following certifications: NFPA 472 (Dangerous Goods First Responder – Operational), NFPA 1002 (Fire Apparatus Driver/Operator), NFPA 1021 (Level 2 Fire Officer), NFPA 1035 (Level 1 Public Fire and Life Safety Educator), NFPA 1041 (Level 2 Fire Instructor), NFPA 1051 (Level 1 Wildland Fire Fighter), NFPA 1031 (Level 1 Fire Inspector) and NFPA 1521 (Health and Safety Officer).  Jeff is a recognized Safety Codes Officer for the province of Alberta, a qualified Red Cross First Responder and a graduate of the Dalhousie University Course – CSFL (Certificate in Fire Service Leadership).  In 2008 Jeff received his Chief Fire Officer Designation and in 2012 was a recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal.
One of Jeff’s main interests in the service is Vehicle Extrication.  He has been participating in extrication competitions since 1993, competing in both Regional and Western Canadian competitions.  In 1996, as Incident Commander, his team won the Alberta Regional and placed third in the Unlimited pit at the Westerns.  After the 1996 Westerns Jeff decided to move from competing into judging.  Since then Jeff has judged 29 Regional competitions (one in Scotland), 5 National competitions (one in Ireland), 5 International competitions, 3 World competitions and the Can-Am Games.  He has also been a Challenge Patient Manager at two Regional competitions.  Jeff is recognized as an International Judge with TERC (Transportation Emergency Rescue Committee) Canada.  Jeff also instructs auto extrication for local departments.  Jeff has judged all across Canada from coast to coast including the Northwest Territories, the United States and four times travelled across the ocean to judge at three World Extrication Challenges in Cardiff, Wales in 2008, Cork, Ireland in 2010, London, England in 2012 and one National Challenge in Wicklow County, Ireland in April 2014.In addition to competing and judging Jeff was a Regional Director with C.A.R.S. (Canadian Automotive Rescue Society) and is Vice-Chairman for TERC Canada and the Alberta Vehicle Extrication Association (AVEA).  Jeff also sits on the Judges Committee for TERC Canada as well as the Assessors Committee for the World Rescue Organization (WRO).  He was three times chairman of competitions, the 1998 North Central Alberta Vehicle Extrication Competition, the 2000 Western Canadian Auto Extrication Competition and the 2010 Alberta Vehicle Extrication Challenge.Jeff has lived in the Cold Lake area since 1978.   Jeff, his wife Kathy and two sons love what the City of Cold Lake, Alberta-Canada has to offer.

Dr. Zsolt Levente Béres, MD PhD - Lead for Trauma Standards
SMURD, Romania

Zsolt is an emergency physician with 10 years experience in pre-hospital and hospital emergency care. He was borne and lives in Oradea, Romania near the border with Hungary. Since he joined the SMURD family in 2004 he is involved in training, management and development of first aid and emergency care within the region and the whole country. He attended many additional courses and training programs that conferred him new competencies: mountain and cave rescue, European Resuscitation Council ALS instructor, organ transplant coordinator, specialist in anaesthesia and intensive care, expert in disaster medicine and civil protection. Having the experience of trauma assessor in national rescue challenges he became an international assessor in 2012. Now, he possesses the role of head assessor of SMURD, level 2 member of WRO.

Neville (Kissie) Van Rensburg

Has been involved with Emergency Medical Services for th last 30 years.
He has attended numerous courses in Disaster Management (Local and International).  He has also completed training in dealing with Chemical, Biological and Nuclear Agents in the United States, he also trains persoonel as Rescue Workers at the University of Technology.
Completing his Master Degree in Disaster Management
For Operations Metro EMS he is responsible for Rescue operations responses and Planning as well, Specialised Medical Rescue, Rescue Training and Development.  As the Provincial Rescue Co-ordinater for EMS he is responsible for Clinical Governance as well as Clinical Audit.


Julius August Fleischman

Has been involved with Emergency Medical Rescue Services for the last 30 years.He has attended numerous courses in Rescue and Disaster Management He also is the rescue coordnator for  the College of Emergency care.He is also an rescue instructor for the University of Johannesburg . Were also been in the fire service from 1984 till 2001 after 2000 jiont the Department of Health Rescue service.Qualified fire fighter, Rescue Technician,and also presenting the 12 rescue modules on the nasianal diploma short cours program of the University of JHB  
He is responsible for Rescue operations responses and Planning as well, Specialised Rescue, Training and Development.  As the Provincial Rescue Co-ordinate instructor he is also responsible for specialized rescue and USAR operations and training of 12 rescue modules.  ILS Flight Paramedic (Secondary Crew) Plan and Conduct Assessment of Learning & Guide and Support Learners at NQF level 5

Mark Roche - President

Mark is currently Deputy Commissioner, Operations and Emergency Management, (OEM) with the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES). Mark commenced his career in Ipswich as an Auxiliary Firefighter in 1979 before joining the permanent Firefighter ranks in 1980. In 2006 he was appointed to Assistant Commissioner Far Northern Region (located in Cairns) where the importance of maintaining quality road rescue skills was well enshrined. In 2008, Mark moved back to Brisbane where he was appointed to the state role of Assistant Commissioner, Community Safety and Training. Mark has a Post Graduate Certificate in Applied Management AIPM and Diploma in Frontline Management Initiative (FMI).

Mark has seen the fire service roles change from an internal focus responding to grass fires, structural fires and limited Road Crash Rescues (RCR), to what is now a multi-agency approach to incident management with significant advancements in RCR. Mark is the QFES state sponsor for RCR and during his career he has witnessed the advancements in vehicle safety and design, the quality of training we deliver to our staff on new techniques, the improvements in equipment, the professional advice we provide and the important relationships we have built with our partner agencies.

The incident ground is the location where all of our research and development, advancements in techniques and many hours of training all come together. Like other states, Queensland has a proud history of quality relationships with other agencies and the success in road rescue excellence is a true partnership with those agencies.
Rob McNeil – Vice President

Rob McNeil has been a member of Fire and Rescue NSW for 31 years. Currently Rob holds the rank of Assistant Commissioner in the position of Director of Regional Operations, Fire and Rescue NSW.
Rob currently leads the management of three Regional Area Commands consisting of 9 Zone Commands with over 150 fire stations, 2500 On Call firefighters and 300 career firefighters and has led the last two major Fire & Rescue NSW 'Winter Fire Safety' campaigns engaging all at risk areas of NSW's communities. He has been the manager of Fire and Rescue hazardous materials response unit, Officer in Charge of Recruit Training unit, a Hazmat Station Commander and Breathing Apparatus and Hazardous Materials instructor, chair of the Australasian Fire and Emergency Service Authority Council Hazardous Materials Working Group, Chair of the NSW State Chemical Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Working Group and has played an active role in the development of skills in hazardous materials emergency response teams including the development and implementation of the NSW Radiation Exposure Management policy and procedures for emergency services.
During the period from 2009 - 2010 Rob was the Assistant Director of Specialised Operations with Fire and Rescue NSW and played an active role in progressing Fire and Rescue's hazardous material and Urban Search and Rescue Capability. During his career he has played a major role in emergency management in the area of hazardous materials and has been the Hazmat commander or incident controller at numerous emergencies including chemical suicides impacting on critical infrastructure, train derailments involving dangerous goods, Bondi Junction high rise gas explosion and recently the Australian Task Force leader for the response to the Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami. Rob McNeil has number of operational qualifications in the technical and management aspects of hazardous materials emergencies and academic qualifications in social science, management and leadership. He received an Australian Fire Service Medal (AFSM) in 2010 for his contributions to emergency management of hazardous materials incidents.

Rob has three daughters and one son spanning 18 years and is resolved to the fact he will never be an expert in raising children.

Steve commenced as the Executive Officer with ARRO on 11 March 2016 after retiring from the Fire and Rescue industry after nearly 39 years. Steve was previously with the Northern Territory Fire and Rescue Service as the Chief Fire Officer/Director where he served for 4.5 years. His fire service career began on 1 September 1977 with the ACT Fire Brigade where he served in Operations, Community Safety, Training and various support roles before moving to Mackay and the Queensland Fire and Rescue Service (QFRS) in November 1993. During Steve's term with QFRS he again served in similar roles as in the ACT however undertook a more senior role within the Brisbane South Region in 1997 before being promoted to the rank of Assistant Commissioner for the South Western Region in 2002. Prior to leaving the QFRS, Steve occupied the role of Assistant Commissioner Rural Operations where he was responsible for and provided leadership to the State's Rural Fire Service and its 34,000 volunteers.

Steve was also the Queensland State sponsor for the Road Accident Rescue (RAR) Committee which managed a range of RAR issues on behalf of QFRS and the Department of Emergency Services. This committee is committed to advancing RAR issues and in particular has a focus on research and development, training, curriculum development, vehicle construction and extrication techniques. Under Steve's leadership this led to both regular regional challenges as well as the development of training DVDs and research into improved crash simulation techniques for enhanced realism in training.

Steve was awarded the Australian Fire Service Medal (AFSM) in 2005 for his leadership in advancing the portfolios of training, community safety and officer development. He is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management, a Graduate of the Institute of Fire Engineers and the Australian Institute of Company Directors and holds postgraduate qualifications in Applied Management and Leadership along with a Diploma in Business Management. Steve has been a committee member of ARRO since 2002 and has held various portfolios including membership coordinator and Treasurer. Steve was elected President in July 2009, stepping down at the AGM of 2015 when the Northern Territory hosted the Australasian Rescue Challenge in Alice Springs.

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Tim Fox – Challenge Co-ordinator


Tim is a Superintendent with Fire & Rescue NSW. He joined FRNSW in 1985 and has spent the majority of his career working as a specialist rescue operator, including five years as a Senior Rescue Instructor.
Tim's involvement in road rescue challenges started in 1995, when as a member of the Burwood team, won a state event and went on to represent the NSWFB at a challenge in Canada. In 1999 Tim was a member of the Burwood team that picked up 1st place at the World Challenge in Melbourne at "Rescue Down Under" and in 2000 was a member of the Burwood team that won the Australasian Challenge at Mt. Gambier. Tim remains passionately involved in the ARRO Challenges, he says he continues to be involved in ARRO because he knows how much his on road skills improved training for and participating in national and international events. Tim was promoted to Superintendent in 2016 when he took up his current position as Capability Manager Rescue, based at Alexandria. Tim joined the ARRO Executive in 2009 as Challenge Coordinator and chair of the Technical Committee.

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Dave is currently working in the New Zealand Fire Service in Christchurch Metro- Area 21, and holds the rank of Area Commander. He began his career within the New Zealand Fire Service in 1985, as a fire-fighter and was promoted to Station Officer in 1992 spending time in Fire Safety and various operational roles until being promoted to Senior Station Officer in 2001, then Area Commander in 2013. Dave has been actively involved in the rescue scene within the New Zealand Fire Service, particularly motor vehicle rescue. He has developed national and regional service delivery strategy, training programs for trainers and students, as well as equipment purchasing and servicing regimes. Dave is co-author of the original and current New Zealand Fire Service motor vehicle accident rescue manual and member of the current subject matter advisory group for the Fire Service. Dave also specialised in rural fire investigation having participated in several successful prosecutions and recoveries, he also completed a tour as a divisional supervisor in the California wildfires deployment in 2006. Dave has a proven background in rural fire operations which is complimented by his Incident Management Team experience.During the tragic Christchurch Earthquake of 2011, Dave was involved with the initial rescue efforts and follow up response and recovery operation. Dave was awarded the New Zealand Fire Service Commission Citation for exceptional leadership during this period.He has recently completed a Masters in Emergency Management (Charles Sturt University) and holds a Graduate Diploma in Emergency Management (Massey University, New Zealand) and is a Graduate of AIPM in Applied Management . Dave is currently studying for the Diploma in Executive Leadership through AIPM.Dave is a member of the Australasian Road Rescue Organisation (ARRO) Technical Committee and the current ARRO Assessor/Challenge Management Team Coordinator.

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Stevie Nesbit is a serving officer with the Scottish Fire & Rescue Service (SFRS) and has been part of the United Kingdom Rescue Organisation (UKRO) since 2009.  Stevie is also the Deputy of the UKRO International Development Programme (IDP) and a founder member of Fire Aid.

Stevie is a current Extrication Rescue Assessor, specialising in both Command and Technical Disciplines for both the UKRO and World Rescue Organisation (WRO).

Stevie has a keen interest in Heavy Rescue and is the lead HR practitioner for the SFRS


President of the Asociación Latinoamericana de Rescate Vehicular –ALAREV, Diana Lucia Aristizabal Velasquez holds a Master Degree (MS) in Contemporary Social Problems with emphasis in Disaster Management . Diana is the Founder and President of the IRM Foundation based in Colombia, where she has led and developed national and international actions to promote and improve post crash response.


Diana has an extensive experience working with agencies of international cooperation in Latin America, mainstreaming social issues in the transport sector and human rights in disaster management. As researcher, Diana has designed pilot interventions associated with social issues to be addressed with communities and national authorities.  She has been awarded twice for your support improving  lives of those in need.



Padraig O'Longaigh - Chair Rescue Organisation Ireland

Pádraig started his career with Cork County Fire Service in 1994, and on promotion moved to Meath in 2000. He is currently Senior Assistant Chief Fire Officer for Meath County Fire & Rescue Service, based in Navan Fire Station HQ. One of his main areas of work is Brigade Operations and within this field he has responsibility for Fire Service Training, including as an RTC Instructor. Holding a degree in Civil Engineering as well as post-graduate Diplomas in Project Management and Quality Assurance, he spent 4 years as Acting Chief Fire Officer for Meath, 2012 to 2015, and again in 2017. In this time he gained extensive experience in managing all aspects of a modern Fire & Rescue Service.


In Feb 2008 Pádraig was one of a small group of Irish Fire Officers who first met to initiate a national rescue organisation to follow in the footsteps of other WRO member organisations – this of course then become known as Rescue Organisation Ireland. Having spent brief periods as Treasurer and then Vice-Chair, he has spent much of his time in ROI as its Secretary - from Mar 2010 until Nov 2017 when he was then elected Chairman of ROI. “As Chair I work with a dedicated team of fellow emergency service professionals committed to improving standards of fire & emergency service response to Trauma & RTC based incidents across Ireland (and indeed, internationally). Over the past 11 years I have promoted ROI across the whole of the Irish Fire Service, but particularly within Meath County Fire & Rescue Service where I have led and supported the Meath firefighters who regularly take part in Rescue Challenge training days and events.”

He has also been a regular attendee at the annual World Rescue Challenges since WRC 2010 which was hosted by ROI in Cork City, Ireland. He attends the World Rescue Organisation AGM as a Committee member for ROI, and has been a regular contributor towards overall WRO development & progress in recent years.

ROI has been a prominent member of the WRO for the past number of years and this in turn has also greatly helped in the development of ROI and its role in cementing the Challenge Concept to rescue training in Ireland. As ROI Chair Pádraig looks forward to this role continuing for the coming years as the WRO and Rescue Organisation Ireland continue to grow and develop.

Carlos Britez is the Director of Operator Training Specialists - Rescue and Extrication in Vehicles and founder of American Association of Rescue Vehicle.  Carlos is a mentor of courses and seminars at CEX ESFO in advanced Vehicle technologies for NUTEC Rescue, where he also teaches Rescue from Heavy vehicles, vehicle fires, vehicle stabilization and Safety Incident.He has been providing training to over 660 volunteer firefighters plus police and Red Cross personnel for ten years, as a Lieutenant in the Fire Department of Asuncion Paraguay. In his role he also is a technical writer for magazine articles of Fire in Paraguay.He is a certified International Fire Service Instructor and delivers courses CPI by the USAID - OFDA methodology, PHTLS of NAEMT – USA Recently Carlos was invited to lecture at the 1st International Extrication and American International Congress in Venezuela. Carlos is also a member of the Faculty of Extrication US, member of the National Road Safety Council of MOPC, Bachelor of Kinesiology Hospital and Trauma Centre Emergency Medical Paraguay and University Professor at the Autonomous University of Asunción.Carlos is a founding member of the Paraguayan Society of Trauma and a member of the Pan-American Trauma Society, an Instructor Awarded by Concordia Fire SC-Brazil 2011-2013, Instructor for Fire Hunter - Brazil 2013,  Consultant and Speaker of the Meeting of "The Brotherhood of Fire" from Argentina, Córdoba - February 2012., Lecturer in Cervical Trauma Traumatology Congress. Sept.2012He was the Leader of the Latin American Rescue Team for World Challenge Vehicle Rescue Vehicle WRC in October 2013 in the US and England Moreton in Marsh 2014. A Member of the American Association of Rescue Vehicle ASUREV member of the World Rescue Organization WRO.