Global Road Deaths This Year = 280,345
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The World Rescue Organisation

The World Rescue Organisation is committed to improving technical rescue standards by bringing together rescue and medical services throughout the World to develop and share essential post incident skills and knowledge. In doing so the WRO is contributing to the reduction of unintentional injuries and the promotion of gold standards for combined rescue and medical care.

Chair's Welcome

As Chair of the World Rescue Organisation I want to welcome you, on behalf of the WRO Executive and the WRO Committee, to our website. I am very proud to be part of this unique organisation which promotes and continues to develop the rescue challenge concept, global rescue standards, effective post crash intervention and the development of combined rescue and medical care around the world. Please also visit our FaceBook and Twitter pages for all the up to date information on our work and that of our member organisations. 



Your Events

Events This Month - March, 2017

ANSD North Regional Trauma Challenge

Saturday 11th - All Day
This event found out the best north country teams to our National Trauma Challenge. This was the final classification:

1. BM Figueira da Foz A
2. CVP Maiorca
3. Batalhão Sapadores do Porto

1. CVP Maiorca
2. CBV Freamunde
3. BM Figueira da Foz A

1. BM Figueira da Foz A
2. Batalhão Sapadores do Porto
3. CVP Maiorca

Future Events

ANSD Islands Regional Trauma Challenge

Saturday 1st April 2017 - All Day
This event will get the best portuguese islands teams for our National Trauma Challenge. Come and visit us!

Joining The World Rescue Organisation

The WRO is keen to support the development of rescue services around the world. If your organisation wishes to discuss options available then please contact the WRO Secretary using the online contact form or through You can also obtain additional information within the Becoming a member section.