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Assessor Standards

Assessor coordination & standards group

It is the responsibility of the WRO to ensure the teams are assessed by competent specialists working from established best practice assessment methods.  The group will collate a database of suitably qualified assessors who comply with the WRO Assessor Selection policy so member organisations regardless of level can requests support from the WRO for challenge development and assessor training.  It is hoped that the group will be responsible for assisting with WRO Assessor training and competencies throughout member organisations.

The Lead for Assessor Standards is Mick Gahan (

Assessor Standards Group - Mick Gahan ROIDan Quin UKRO and Joel Biever LRO

Group Priorities

WRO Assessor & Interior Assessor Database
WRO Assessor Guidelines & Selection Policy
WRO Assessor Workshop development 

Group Update 12th May 2015 

Over the past months the group has been working on a number of key areas as listed below

  1. The development and delivery of the Assessor Workshop for WRC 2015 Portugal details of the timetable and programme will be issued in due course.
  2. The group has developed a new Shadow Assessors CV which will highlight the experience and skills of future WRO assessors, this document will be issued in May 2015
  3. A new WRO Assessors Application form and CV has been developed and will be tabled for approval by the WRO committee at the 2015 AGM.
  4. A new range of WRO Assessor Qualified Certificates will be introduced for this years WRC and will be ready for Sept 2015
  5. A number of briefing notes will be made available in September 2015 and include Medical Briefing , IC Briefing, Trauma Briefing and IA/Casualty Briefing Notes
  6. WRO Badges  will be reintroduced for qualified and newly qualified assessors
  7. Drobox for Assessors Standards Group and repository for the development of the WRO Assessor Database will be established in June 2015 and a Dropbox for Organisations’ Head Assessors which will include latest info on scoresheets, assessor training, guidelines, briefing notes, risk assessments which will be available in Aug 2015.