Global Road Deaths This Year = 267,222


It gives the WRO great pleasure to be able to outline the Operations Directorate plan for the next 4 years and how this strategy fits in enabling the WRO to meet its vision statement contained within the WRO constitution.

In order to help the WRO fulfill its strategic aims the Operations Directorate has established three core functions;

Members of the WRO have been appointed to work within these key functions:

Operational Governance

There will be a three yearly governance model whereby recommendations that are made by the Directorate Groups will be collated and disseminated to the responsible department of the WRO.  Particular recommendations pertinent to the terms of reference of the working groups will be collated by the Director of Operations and distributed to the member organisations for consideration and ratification at the AGM.

Once the recommendations have been ratified, the changes will be distributed to member organisations and the changes will take effect at the following years Worlds Rescue Challenge (WRC) with a completion report being generated by the Director.