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WRC 2015 Assessors Confirmed

The following Assessors have been selected for the forthcoming WRC in Lisbon, Portugal this October.

Head Assessor K Lennon (WRO) - Deputy Head Assessor (Host) Joao Carolino

RTC Challenge

Command and Control
Mick Gahan                             Ireland                         ROI
Dan Quin                                 England                       UKRO
Jeff Fallow                               Canada                        AVEA

Carlos Amaro                          Portugal                      ANSD
Miguel Angel Muelas             Spain                           APRAT
Declan Cassidy                        Ireland                         ROI

Medical Rescue
Dr Anna Sellmeier                  Germany                     VDFU
Maite Pavon                            Spain                           APRAT
Gail King                                  England                       UKRO
Jayson Lynne                           USA                              NAVRA

Trauma Challenge
Dr Zsolt Beres                         Romania                      SMURD            (Lead Assessor for Trauma)
Julius Fleischman                    South Africa                SAMRO
Francoise Weydert                  Luxembourg                LRO
Dr Amelia Weaver                  England                       UKRO                          
Adrian Fox                               Ireland                         ROI
Rick LeProvost                         USA                              NAVRA

Published on Saturday, 6th June at 12:49am in WRO Challenges by Cameron Black