Global Road Deaths This Year = 267,275

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WRO becomes member of UNRSC

The WRO is proud to announce that it has been accepted as a full member of the United Nations Road Safety Collaboration The WRO's bid presented at the UN in New... Read More
Published on Thursday, 14th April at 1:22pm in Development, General by Cameron Black

Congratulations Neville

Congratulations to our colleague Neville Van Rensburg from South African Medical Rescue Organisation on his recent award for his work in South Africa. Neville said  “This was a proud... Read More
Published on Monday, 21st March at 2:19pm in General by Cameron Black

Save Kids Lives

The WRO congratulates the Save Kids Lives campaign in reaching 1 Million signatures. The campaign started earlier this year with a modest goal to achieve 100,000 signatures. This was quickly exceeded... Read More
Published on Friday, 13th November at 12:08am in Development, Education, General by Cameron Black

New WRO Members

The World Rescue Organisation is pleased to announce three new members Czech Republic France Moldova The WRO warmly welcomes our colleagues  from the above countries and we look forward to... Read More
Published on Saturday, 17th October at 6:50am in General by Cameron Black

New WRO Executive Committee

The WRO is pleased to announce the new WRO Executive Committee is Dan Zinge Chair, Paul Schroeder Vice Chair, Cameron Black Secretary, Declan Cassidy Treasurer and Kevin Lennon Director of Operations. Congratulations... Read More
Published on Saturday, 17th October at 6:46am in General by Cameron Black

UKRO Launches new Facebook page

The UKRO has today launched its new Facebook page at Follow them, the WRO and all our members on Facebook. Read More
Published on Tuesday, 22nd September at 10:02pm in General by Cameron Black

Meath Rescue Team

Congratulations to Meath Rescue Team who were recently presented with the Holmatro equipment which they won at the Holmatro challenge at Interschutz earlier this year. An excellent example of the training... Read More
Published on Sunday, 13th September at 2:18pm in General, Regional Challenges by Cameron Black

All the best Dave

The WRO wishes Dave Webb all the very best on his retirement as Chief Fire Officer at Leicestershire Fire & Rescue Service. Dave contributed greatly to the development of the WRO during his time as... Read More
Published on Tuesday, 28th April at 7:22am in General by Cameron Black

WRO Assessor Standards Group

The WRO, Assessor Standards group has been set up to undertake the following work, WRO Assessor & Interior Assessor Database WRO Assessor Guidelines & Selection Policy WRO Assessor... Read More
Published on Tuesday, 24th March at 8:55pm in General by Cameron Black